Hi, I’m Kim 😊

💪Work in progress | 💻Software Engineer | 😍Yoda & Pusheen Fanatic | 😋Foodie | 🧗‍Beginner Climber | 🏋🏻‍Aspiring Super Gymer | 🎵Alto | 📚Knowledge Addict

I am a London-based self-taught Software Engineer, Oxford and UCL alumna, currently Associate Software Engineer at M&G Prudential. I am attending a Software Engineering Fellowship Programme at Makers. Having previously worked as a business-technology professional within an Agile software team, I am interested in the power of coding and technology for instigating social, environmental and economic change.

I frequently write blogs and tweet on Twitter about my coding journey. My switch to software engineering developed from my previous role as a Business Application Consultant, where I engaged daily with developers to adopt the best practices of Agile, testing, continuous integration and iterative software development from scratch from a business requirements perspective. I was also inspired by Code First: Girls, where I attended their Web Development and Advanced Ruby courses at Twitter UK and M&S Digital from Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018. I have also enjoyed being part of Codebar and the technology community in London.


To use the power of coding and technology to instigate social, environmental and economic change. To empower others to utilise technology for good and give back to the community that supported my career into tech.



“I believe having mindfulness and fun as a team means respecting each other, having humility and looking beyond the status quo by challenging others in a positive and thoughtful way. Positive teams are those where positive thinking manifests itself within human interactions.”


“The best solutions are those which blend technology and people; reminding us of the importance of the ‘human’ in technology.”


“Communication doesn’t necessary mean talking until the sun goes down; but being mindful of the context to spark a conversation to bring different personalities and working styles together. This means creating the space for ideas to be fleshed out and enabling everyone to verbalise their thoughts in written and spoken forms.”


🤖Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bringing people and technology together to use AI technologies for instigating social, environmental and economic change


Creating Agile teams to drive business innovation

🌍 Biodiversity & Conservation

Technologies to help us understand wildlife and conservation

🌍 Environmental Science

Environmental modelling and technologies to help us model the impacts of climate change

🌇 Sustainability & Smart Cities

Using technology to bring people and the environment together and change how people perceive and inhabit their environment

🎵 Music

I love Symphonic Metal, Power Metal and Punk Rock. When I’m in the mood, I enjoy the blues on the Piano. I play the Ukuele and Piano.

You can follow my coding journey on Twitter.